Military Training Routes KML: Is this really what they look like?

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This entry is obsolete. For the latest MTR KML, go here.

I used the same math from previous kml files to create a US master list of Military Training Routes. VFR routes are in green, and IFR routes are in red. Some segments overlap. Overall, they just look weird, so I'm wondering if its at all accurate. (Note: DO NOT USE FOR NAVIGATION.) Placemarks are waypoints that are along the route lines. Line descriptions contain route descriptions, while placemarks contain point lead-in and depart information. I don't think kml has a good way of displaying lines and points as the same object with different descriptions.... but what do I know about KML anyway?

See the KML in the KML Archive. The sheer number of lines and placemarks may use up all your memory.

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